How to Become Known in Local Market

Episode Summary

Insurance expert Evette Rodney recently hosted a masterclass focused on helping insurance agents grow their Medicare business through referrals and community outreach. She began the presentation by advising agents to take time to evaluate their current referral marketing strategies and sources. Where are referrals coming from now? How many clients are providing referrals? What referral partnerships could be leveraged? This assessment will help agents identify opportunities to improve.

Yvette stressed that the key to generating referrals is developing strong, trusting relationships with clients. Agents should make an effort to get to know their clients and provide exceptional, personalized service. Most clients are happy to provide referrals to agents they know and trust, but few agents ask for them. Asking for referrals demonstrates that you value the client's business and appreciate them.

Referral marketing is all about generating new leads and sales through positive word-of-mouth. Staying top of mind with clients is critical. Yvette suggested sending regular newsletters, and birthday cards, and making check-in calls to remind clients of your services. When they are asked for a referral, you want to be the first agent they think of.

The presentation covered creative ideas for developing referral partnerships with other professionals like financial advisors, accountants, attorneys, and physicians who serve the same target client base. Offering referral fees up to $100 can incentivize partners to send new business your way.

Outreach efforts are especially important during Medicare's annual enrollment period. Yvette recommended hosting local educational seminars and events at venues like restaurants, libraries, or hotels to establish yourself as an expert resource. Sponsoring booths at health fairs and community events also generates visibility and leads.

Developing relationships with senior centers can be very valuable. Offer to host talks on Medicare topics and sponsor activities like bingo nights. This positions you as a known expert and gets your brand in front of prospective clients.

For niche markets like low-income and dual-eligible clients, use unique outreach strategies. Go into communities by tabling at soup kitchens, stores, clinics, and housing areas they frequent. Understand the needs of diverse populations.

The key takeaway is that an active referral strategy combined with community involvement is critical for insurance agents to grow their book of business. Building trust with clients asking for referrals, partnering strategically, and staying visible through outreach are proven ways to get new leads and sales.


(0:00:05) - Evette Rodney shares tips on how to do Medicare referrals on Broker Link
(0:01:04) - 91% of clients will give you referrals, but only 11% of salespeople ask
(0:02:03) - One way to get more referrals is through referral marketing
(0:07:45) - Tips on building a Medicare referral here are some tips. You want to create an online presence for transparency
(0:14:14) - AEP is a great opportunity to find leads and referrals through hosting events
(0:19:58) - One of the things you want to do is drive people to your meeting
(0:22:14) - Community marketing is all about the partnerships. So whatever partnership you've developed with those community leaders, you want to own
(0:27:23) - You want to be able to market to the dual population effectively
(0:30:57) - Dual snip consumer is very different from regular AEP consumer
(0:32:57) - You need to have an active referral strategy to grow your Medicare business

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