How to Best Use BRCs

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The transcript covers best practices for following up on Medicare leads using business reply cards (BRCs) to maximize conversion to sales.

When you receive a BRC, the first step is to carefully analyze the information provided about the lead. Note important details like their name, contact info, birthday, Medicare eligibility date, and any needs mentioned. This allows you to tailor your outreach strategy.

Next, develop a plan for your initial contact call. The goal is to build rapport, not pitch hard. Introduce yourself positively and ask open-ended questions to understand their situation and needs. For example, ask what made them request information and what they know about their Medicare options so far.

Listen closely to their responses and look for opportunities to suggest meeting in person. A face-to-face appointment fosters trust and makes it easier to explain plan details. Offer to review their options together at their home or your local office.

During the call, focus on asking questions and listening, not selling. Avoid sounding pushy or aggressive. Make sure they know you are there as a helpful resource to guide them in picking the right Medicare plan.

After the call, send a handwritten thank you note showing your appreciation for their time. Follow up again as their birthday approaches with a card or small gift. Finding creative ways to stay top of mind builds the relationship.

Be diligent about logging all interactions in your CRM system. Record call notes, next steps, and status updates if a sale is made. This history will be invaluable for future follow-ups.

Circle back annually to review their plan during Medicare's open enrollment period. Set a reminder to check in on their needs. Do your research beforehand on the most competitive local plans using resources like provider directories and county enrollment data.

When discussing their existing coverage, elicit information instead of just asking if they are happy with their current plan. Ask what they like and what they would change to reveal any pain points you can help address.

Always end interactions by setting the next touchpoint - a follow-up call, meeting, or appointment. This demonstrates your commitment to their long-term satisfaction.

Consistent, strategic follow-up with Medicare leads is key to sales success. Implementing these CRM best practices will help convert more prospects into happy customers.


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(0:06:19) - You can tie in your phone number to that call that's coming in
(0:11:48) - We talked about knowing the benefits and what you can and can do
(0:13:02) - Ask questions that can elicit information from prospective Medicare customer
(0:20:13) - One thing you can do is try to set an appointment right
(0:23:07) - Make sure that you update the system by saving new activities
(0:25:04) - A BRC is a business reply card
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