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Keeping In Touch Isn’t That Complicated

Episode Summary

This podcast focuses on client retention strategies for insurance agents, pushing back on the notion that effective retention requires complex tools and systems.

The host emphasizes why retention matters so much in the insurance business - it is key for getting renewals and referrals in a residual income model. Without retaining clients, it's very difficult to scale an agency over time.

Many people hype up expensive software, CRMs, automated messaging, and other tools as necessary for proper client retention. But the host cautions that agents should think critically about these claims, as the people selling these tools have an incentive to convince you that they're essential.

Instead, the host advocates for a back-to-basics approach, explaining that for many clients - especially lower-income demographics - frequent marketing and contact is not aligned with their immediate needs and priorities. Simple and valuable communication tends to work best.

The host shares examples of effective client retention strategies that are straightforward and don't require complex tools:

- Send 30/60/90-day check-in emails after enrollments to see if clients need anything

- Provide tips relevant to insurance, like getting the most from doctor's visits or using telehealth

- Explain insurance topics like the difference between urgent care and the ER

- Send prescription savings tips and reminders about bringing items to appointments

- Occasionally suggest cross-sell opportunities like dental insurance

The key is to provide value, build trust, and stay top of mind with simple touchpoints. Lengthy newsletters or constant content is often unnecessary. Sending 6-12 tailored email templates on a regular cadence can be very effective.

These emails don't need to be fancy. Plain text works and comes across as more personal. Basic services like Gmass allow sending these for cheap.

The host concludes that keeping in touch with insurance clients profitably is about consistency, not complexity. By sticking to simple but useful communication, agents can drive retention and referrals without expensive tools or complicated automation.


(0:00:04) - Brokerlink podcast talks about keep-in-touch marketing with clients
(0:00:37) - Keeping in touch with your clients is critical to growing your insurance business
(0:02:00) - Do your clients want to hear from you that often
(0:07:19) - Keep in touch marketing can be using plain text emails to reach clients
(0:10:22) - Most health insurance plans now offer telehealth as a standard benefit
(0:12:48) - Keeping in touch with your clients is very simple. Here's a cross-sell example. People often ask me, what about dental insurance
(0:15:43) - This podcast is designed to help independent insurance agents grow their business
(0:16:42) - How do you get started with the Brokerage Inc.?

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