Local Digital Marketing Strategy in AEP

Episode Summary

The transcript provides tips and strategies for insurance agents to boost their local marketing efforts and compete with national insurance brands.

It begins by acknowledging that local agents may feel intimidated by national brands with large marketing budgets. However, local agents have a distinct competitive advantage due to their community presence and relationships.

The speaker states that 46% of Google searches are people looking for local businesses and information. Therefore, local agents must optimize their website and online presence for local SEO. Services like Bright Local can help get agencies listed on major directories, review sites, and improve local ranking.

Collecting online reviews is also crucial for standing out locally. The more positive reviews an agency can accumulate on Google and Facebook, the higher they will rank in local search results. Agents should integrate review collection into their process after appointments. Platforms like Rocket Referrals allow for automating review requests.

The speaker recommends automating follow-up communications after appointments. This provides an opportunity to get client feedback through Net Promoter Scores and gently ask for referrals and reviews. Many happy clients are willing to provide referrals when asked directly.

Word of mouth remains the #1 driver of new business. Referred leads have a 30% higher conversion rate and 16% higher lifetime value than other lead sources. So agents should focus on retention and lifetime value rather than initial commissions. This will inform the overall marketing strategy.

Some additional local marketing tips covered:

- Ensure your website provides the information prospects need and make the referral process frictionless.

- Create a Facebook business page to increase local visibility.

- Combine digital marketing techniques with traditional direct mail and in-person outreach.

- Stay visible with past clients through a multi-channel approach.

The key takeaway is that using both online and traditional marketing focused on relationships within your local community is the best approach for insurance agents to compete and thrive versus national brands. Local agents have a distinct competitive advantage that national brands cannot replicate - their local presence and community connections. Leveraging this through optimized local SEO, review collection, word-of-mouth referrals and multi-channel marketing is key.


(0:00:02) - Digital marketing manager Gillen Boyer shares tips for local marketing during the selling season
(0:00:59) - 46% of all Google searches are looking for local information
(0:03:08) - Word of mouth is still the number one way to get business
(0:04:21) - Wilmer: Half of Americans would pick word of mouth for information
(0:06:46) - As the industry continues to evolve, we want to be present online again
(0:08:46) - Gillen: Thanks for listening to this podcast on local marketing strategy

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