Low Cost Ways to Promote Your Business

Episode Summary

This transcript covers effective low-cost marketing strategies that insurance agents can use to promote their business and attract more clients, even when operating on a tight budget.

It emphasizes that while expensive advertising campaigns can generate results, there are many affordable tactics agents can implement to get their name out there, improve visibility, build credibility and trust, and ultimately grow their book of business.

Some of the key low-cost strategies covered include:

- Creating a Google My Business listing, which is free and helps local customers find and contact you more easily when searching online. Agents are advised to fill out their profiles and actively collect reviews to maximize visibility.

- Getting a basic website, even just a simple one-pager, to establish legitimacy and provide a place to outline services, credentials, and contact info. This is essential for appearing professional.

- Listing your business on directories like Yelp, Facebook Business Pages, Yellow Pages, industry sites, etc. to expand reach. Again, collecting reviews builds credibility.

- Setting up a free Facebook business page and experimenting with low-cost messenger ads. These allow for engaging, natural conversations with leads.

- Joining relevant online communities and networking events to connect with prospects and referral sources. Look for partnerships with aligned businesses.

- Seeking local media coverage through pitches to newspapers, blogs, and magazines. Expert content builds reputation and trust.

- Testing direct mail campaigns through insurance marketing organizations. Their solutions target the right prospects.

It's emphasized that agents should start with just a few of these affordable tactics first and see what resonates rather than trying to implement them all at once. The key is finding the right low-cost strategies that work for your specific business.

But the overall takeaway is that it is very possible to effectively market an insurance agency and generate more prospects without spending big budgets. A combination of the right low-cost tactics can help agents grow their book of business in an affordable, sustainable way.


(0:00:00) - Welcome to the broker link where we empower insurance agents to sell more
(0:01:01) - Google My Business helps people find businesses on Google Maps
(0:07:45) - Create listings on Yelp and Facebook business. Create listings on all major directories
(0:08:54) - Get online reviews every time that you have a good client experience
(0:11:38) - Make sure you have a free Facebook business page for your business
(0:15:04) - Local blogs, newspapers, and online publications are always on the hunt for fresh content
(0:18:53) - The next thing is networking. It is so critical to any business
(0:23:31) - Make sure you have a Facebook business page. It's kind of making social media more people-oriented

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