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Nancy Kerrigan’s Fearless Inspiration

Episode Summary

In a compelling speech, legendary figure skater Nancy Kerrigan shared profound insights on summoning courage and overcoming adversity. She spoke candidly about her journey of becoming an Olympic champion and the many challenges she faced along the way.

Kerrigan began by reflecting on the concept of being "fearless," which she defined as having bravery and courage without being stopped by fear. She described the need to balance intense enthusiasm with rigorous training on her path to skating excellence. Kerrigan fondly recalled childhood memories of falling deeply in love with figure skating as she tirelessly perfected grueling jumps and captivating routines.

Despite doubts and nerves at her first Olympics, Kerrigan found strength by trusting her meticulous preparation and steadfast coaching team. She emphasized the power of relying on those who support you through daunting challenges. Kerrigan also opened up about overcoming shocking adversity when she was attacked by an assailant in 1994 leading up to the Olympics. Through intensive therapy in the pool and the constant support of her community, she found the resilience to heal and regain her skating abilities just in time for the Lillehammer Games. There, her courage and grace earned her the iconic silver medal.

Kerrigan then bravely reinvented herself by learning entirely new skills as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. She spoke about the importance of embracing growth, facing fears, and pushing beyond comfort zones to take on new challenges.

Drawing from these poignant experiences, Kerrigan urged the audience to adopt a tenacious mindset of getting back up after falls, both literal and metaphorical. She advised controlling your attitude, trusting your hard work, and connecting to your greater purpose during difficult times. Kerrigan emphasized that even in moments of fear, we have the power to focus our mindset on being courageous.

Nancy Kerrigan's empowering story offers timeless inspiration about achieving greatness through resilience, passion, and grace. By facing adversity with bravery, surrounding yourself with support, and staying open to reinvention, you too can overcome obstacles and thrive. Kerrigan is a true reminder that we all have the capacity for courage and triumph, even in the most difficult circumstances.


(0:00:00) - It's the crazy busy selling season for all of you Medicare folks out there
(0:00:58) - Today we're talking about being without fear or fearless
(0:03:31) - As we know, the last several months have not been what I call fun
(0:05:57) - Change can be hard, and the unknown can be very intimidating
(0:09:08) - A few years ago, I participated in Dancing with the Stars
(0:12:23) - I faced some adversity heading into the 1994 Olympics in Norway
(0:22:47) - When I stopped competitive skating, I had to reinvent myself as a show skater
(0:31:31) - Your attitude is key. I always found that smiling was key to my attitude

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