Navigate Medicare Certification Season

Episode Summary

The podcast discusses the important process of getting certified to sell Medicare Advantage and Part D plans in time for the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP).

There are two main certification options for 2023:

AHIP (American Health Insurance Plans) Certification: This is the traditional Medicare certification exam that has been required by most major carriers. It costs $175 to take directly through AHIP, or $125 if you use a discount code from a specific carrier. There is an additional $30 fee if you want continuing education credits.

NABIP (National Association of Benefits and Insurance Professionals) Certification: This is a newer certification option accepted by 39 carriers so far. It costs a flat rate of $100 and includes CE credits.

Agents should review the list of carriers that accept NABIP certification to decide if it makes sense for their business. Some major carriers like Aetna only accept AHIP. The Brokerage Medicare quote engines and product resources can help agents determine which plans they want to sell.

The timeline recommended is:

- Take the AHIP or NABIP certification exam by the end of June
- Start individual carrier certifications in July
- Carrier certifications for 2024 will also certify agents for the remainder of 2023
- Use August/September to focus on marketing and lead generation

In addition to the main AHIP or NABIP certification, agents still need to complete individual carrier certifications. The podcast stresses not to wait until the last minute to get certified. Successful agents invest months in advance to get certified, request contracts, and prepare marketing plans and materials.

The Brokerage offers reimbursements for certification costs, as well as a suite of marketing resources to help agents prepare for AEP. This includes webinars, events, content libraries, and more.

The key takeaway is to treat Medicare certification as part of an overall 90-day plan to get ready for AEP. This involves requesting contracts, completing certifications, and dedicating time to marketing and lead generation activities. Proper planning and preparation prevent poor performance!


(0:00:04) - Broker Link podcast features Nick Cindric discussing Medicare certifications
(0:01:00) - If you sell Medicare Advantage products, you need to get certified each year
(0:01:21) - There are two different ways to get certified to sell Medicare Advantage
(0:08:39) - The first step is going to be that NABIP or the AHIP certification
(0:11:17) - Do not procrastinate on this because what we see happen
(0:15:33) - Nick: Everything you need to know will be in the broker link
(0:16:40) - How do you get started with the Brokerage Inc.

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