Provider Marketing 101

Episode Summary

The transcript provides a detailed overview of effective strategies for insurance agents to build relationships with healthcare providers to gain patient referrals. It outlines a comprehensive approach for marketing oneself to different types of provider offices including primary care, specialists, dental, vision, and more.

The speaker stresses the importance of consistency when reaching out to new provider offices. Agents should plan to visit each office every 30 days for the first 90 to 120 days to establish trust and rapport. On the initial visit, the focus should be on introducing oneself, leaving behind marketing materials, and asking about flyer placement.

At the 30-day mark, agents should check in, replenish any materials left behind, and offer to host a lunch and learn. This allows educating office staff on new plan benefits while providing value. Bringing along carrier materials as a reference is recommended.

Follow-up continues at 60 days with relationship building. Avoid asking for referrals prematurely before establishing goodwill. Compliance guidelines regarding marketing in common vs restricted areas should be followed.

After 90 to 120 days of consistent outreach, agents can consider requesting formal affiliation letters from engaged offices. But the work doesn't stop there - regular visits should continue to nurture partnerships.

Helpful resources covered include customized marketing materials and provider folders available through the Brokerage. Detailed guidance aims to help agents open doors and find referral opportunities by becoming trusted partners to providers.

Key takeaways include mapping out a plan to touch each office every 30 days, focusing initial visits on introduction, bringing value via lunch and learns, avoiding premature requests for referrals, following compliance guidelines, formalizing affiliations after sufficient rapport is built, and leveraging helpful marketing resources. Consistency and education are emphasized as keys to building strong provider relationships.

The step-by-step approach outlined aims to help agents market themselves effectively by turning healthcare providers into partners who trust them to take care of referred patients. Developing these loyal referral sources is critical for growing an insurance agent's book of business.


(0:00:05) - Today's topic is provider marketing; how do you find providers
(0:00:50) - Provider marketing includes developing relationships with physicians, dentists, and pharmacies
(0:07:10) - Marketing to dentist's office is beneficial because Medicare Advantage plans can include dental coverage
(0:12:28) - Medicare allows marketing activities in common areas and restricted areas
(0:16:40) - You can promote yourself by targeting general Medicare Advantage products
(0:22:05) - The goal is to get twelve provider offices to visit within a month
(0:27:26) - The second visit is all about establishing trust with the provider office team
(0:30:57) - An affiliation letter is a very generic letter. And imagine when a doctor gets behind you
(0:35:21) - Yvette Rideney will be visiting provider offices on Thursday
(0:37:30) - The estimated cost is just $82 to do twelve provider offices
(0:41:51) - You want to prepare pieces to put in a folder when a provider contacts you
(0:45:17) - Agency provider Swarm is when you bring a group of agents together
(0:47:07) - An agency principal can host a provider swap for your agents
(0:49:42) - The Brokerage Inc. helps insurance agents grow their businesses

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