Stop Procrastinating Why you Need a CRM

Episode Summary

In a recent podcast, experts discussed how customer relationship management (CRM) software can help insurance agents get organized, increase sales, and retain more clients. They explained that retaining existing clients costs just 20% of acquiring new ones, so CRMs are invaluable for scaling an agency efficiently.

The hosts emphasized how disorganized an insurance business can become without a proper system to track clients, sales, and commissions. Important information like Medicare details, insurance plans, doctor relationships, and past conversations easily fall through the cracks. This results in poor customer service and higher client churn.

They recommended CRMs like Less Annoying, Pipedrive, and Agency Block to solve these problems. By centralizing client data into detailed profiles, agents can provide personalized service that caters to each client's unique needs. The hosts stressed the importance of truly knowing your clients on an individual level.

Once implemented, CRMs supercharge sales in multiple ways. First, targeted email campaigns and referral requests can be sent based on client data already in the system. Slow periods can be optimized through batch-working the pipeline. By staying active in the CRM, agents avoid procrastination during busy seasons.

For enterprise agencies, Agency Block offers robust features like role-based access and territories to coordinate large teams. Mid-sized agencies can benefit from Pipedrive's sales reporting and integrations. Solo agents can start with free Google Sheets templates.

In summary, the hosts emphasized that proper organization with a tailored CRM solution is essential for insurance businesses looking to scale. By streamlining the client management process, CRMs allow agents to focus on sales rather than paperwork. This leads to more personalized service, increased retention, and ultimately a more profitable agency.


(0:00:04) - You insurance agent, it's time to stop procrastinating and get organized
(0:06:39) - A CRM is a customer relationship management system for insurance agents
(0:12:10) - I have people calling me all the time saying they need a CRM
(0:14:51) - Less Annoying CRM is a great tool for small businesses
(0:18:10) - Pipedrive is the CRM I use for my personal LLC
(0:23:29) - The last little tool here is called agency block. Agency block allows you to manage both your agents and clients
(0:26:46) - Batch working can be effective if you are well-organized
(0:29:00) - Using CRM can help you build a relationship with your clients

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