The Omni-Channel Approach to Marketing

Episode Summary

This podcast episode focuses on explaining omnichannel marketing and how insurance agents can implement an omnichannel approach in their strategy.

The hosts start by defining omnichannel marketing. It involves combining both online and offline marketing channels into one cohesive strategy to create an integrated brand experience. The goal is to reach potential customers across multiple touchpoints, delivering a consistent brand message no matter where the customer interacts with the business.

There are two main business models for insurance agents. First, there is the national call center model, where large companies can afford expansive digital advertising and marketing thanks to big budgets and investors.

The second model is the local independent insurance agent. As a local agent, you have a distinct advantage in your community presence and ability to do in-person marketing.

This is where an omnichannel strategy comes in handy. It allows local agents to leverage the power of traditional community-based marketing tactics while also incorporating digital strategies. This comprehensive approach makes sure no opportunities are missed.

So how does a local insurance agent implement omnichannel marketing? The hosts provide several tips:

- Identify your specific target audience and analyze where they spend their time, both online and offline. Get granular with specifics here.

- Determine the right marketing mix across channels. This includes direct mail, social media, radio ads, your website, community events, and more.

- Make sure messaging and branding is aligned and consistent across all channels. This boosts recognition of your brand.

- Use your website as the digital home base and foundation. It should be the hub that all other marketing efforts point back to.

- Get creative with digital marketing. For example, pay to have local organizations share your social media content to reach their audience. This builds trust through partnerships.

- Leverage both traditional strategies like in-person events as well as digital tactics. An omnichannel approach brings together the best of both worlds.

- Build brand recognition across touchpoints through repetition and consistency. The more exposure people have to your brand, the better.

Implementing a comprehensive omnichannel marketing strategy takes effort and commitment. But it allows you to reach customers wherever they are, building familiarity with your brand across channels. Combining online and offline channels gives you the best chance of success in today's world.

For more tips on omnichannel marketing for insurance agents, be sure to check out the full podcast episode. It provides a ton of actionable advice to help boost your marketing approach.


(0:00:02) - Broker Link podcast takes a deep dive into omnichannel marketing strategy
(0:00:21) - Welcome to the Broker Link podcast, where agents go to grow their insurance business
(0:01:22) - Omnichannel marketing is an emerging business model in health and Medicare insurance
(0:05:12) - Omnichannel marketing is a multichannel approach to marketing
(0:06:23) - When I think of omnichannel marketing, you think of Geico
(0:07:40) - The first thing you need to do is figure out your target audience
(0:10:17) - Use omnichannel marketing to help your business get found in local search
(0:16:25) - Do you introduce omnichannel marketing with your direct mail
(0:22:24) - Chris: I'm a big advocate of having a website for your business

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