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You Just Need to Figure it Out!

Episode Summary

This podcast episode focuses on overcoming self-limiting beliefs and excuses to take action and achieve your goals.

The host acknowledges listeners may be feeling a mix of excitement, anxiety, or discouragement going into the busy season. But he emphasizes that our mindset determines our outcomes - if we believe we can figure things out, we will.

First, he digs into why we get stuck in self-defeating thought patterns. Often, our self-limiting beliefs are excuses in disguise, driven by fear of failure or hard work rather than actual barriers. If we convince ourselves we can't do something, we won't even try.

But we all can take control of our mindset. The key is distinguishing "I can't" vs "I won't." If you say you can't, it feels out of your control. If you admit you won't, it reveals the choice you're making not to do what it takes.

The host then breaks down some common excuses that hold people back:

"I don't have enough time." But have you considered the compounding effects of small, consistent efforts? Just 30 minutes a day on a goal equates to 22 extra working days over a year. An hour a day compounds to 45 extra days. We all have more time than we think if we use it wisely.

"I don't have enough money." Maybe you're focused on the wrong things for your current business stage. Consider what steps you can take now with your resources. Every successful person started small and figured it out.

"I don't have enough knowledge." This is the weakest excuse today. Anything you want to know is a Google search away. There are online courses, social media groups, upline mentors, and career resources. Seek and you shall find.

Fear often indicates we care about something. Use it as a compass, not a roadblock. Confronting fears is where meaning and magic lie.

You don't need total clarity or confidence to get started. You gain clarity from taking action. Start small if needed, but move forward. Progress reveals the path.

In summary, adopt a "figure it out" mindset. You may not feel ready, but you can choose to believe in your abilities. Skills come from practice, knowledge from experience, and confidence from results.

Don't let excuses hold you back. Stay positive, focused, and committed to small, consistent efforts. You have the power within you to achieve your goals. Mindset matters - if you believe you can figure it out, you will.


(0:00:03) - Welcome to another episode of the Broker Link. The busy season is upon us
(0:00:39) - Self-limiting beliefs can inhibit your growth in any area of life
(0:05:20) - Most excuses we give for not achieving our goals fall into these categories
(0:10:19) - The broker link is where you can get free resources to help your insurance business
(0:11:05) - One of the biggest things holding a lot of entrepreneurs back is fear
(0:13:57) - Sometimes we let indecisiveness stop us from making decisions

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