2024 First Look – Cigna

Video Summary

In this webinar, get a preview Cigna's 2024 plans and priorities. Led by EVP Josh Slattery, learn about upcoming offerings state-by-state. Discover richer orthodontia coverage in El Paso, lower cost share plans in Dallas, and more. Also, explore benefits in other states like $0 copays in Tampa, $0 virtual care in Central Florida, and loyalty program incentives in North Carolina. Get valuable updates on value-based care, dental coverage, and more.


(9:11) 2024 Highlights

Benefits, guidelines, strategy

(22:34) Texas

Plan highlights by market, expansion

(46:07) Florida

Plan highlights, benefits

(49:38) South Carolina

Plan highlights, new, plans, benefits

(52:34) Oklahoma

Benefits, highlights

(53:36) North Carolina

County expansion, benefits

(57:58) New Mexico

Highlights, plan information

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