Bundling Overview

Video Summary

In this webinar, we focus on how to bundle ancillary products. Explore the significance of ancillary products such as accident insurance, critical illness coverage, dental and vision insurance, hospital indemnity plans, and short-term major medical insurance. Discover how critical illness coverage can mitigate health risks, emphasizing the importance of filling insurance coverage gaps through bundling. Learn about leveraging co-op dollars for marketing efforts to enhance visibility and networking opportunities. Enhance client engagement by tailoring solutions to meet their needs, educate clients on ancillary product benefits, adopt a proactive approach in recommending products, and maximize growth potential.


(2:54) Where are the holes?

Deductible, max out of pocket, non-medical needs

(5:23) What are Ancillary Products?

Different types of ancillary products

(7:13) When can you Sell Ancillary Products?

Different times ancillary products can be sold

(8:22) Creating a Bundle 

Example bundle

(10:46) Tip for Selling Ancillary Products

Tell a story

(14:34) Flyers

Example marketing materials

(15:20) Starting the Conversation

How to start talking to your clients about ancillary products

(19:26) Resources 

Brokerage Bucks, product trainings, how to find TBI's ancillary product offerings on The Broker Link

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