Communication & Marketing Compliance

Video Summary

Join us as Ivonne Acuna demystifies Medicare marketing compliance. Discover practical strategies to navigate compliance guidelines effectively and confidently. Gain a clear understanding of communication vs marketing materials, learn best practices for developing compliant marketing content, and explore guidelines across digital platforms. Embrace compliance as an ethical marketing framework to enhance your Medicare sales approach. Don't miss this opportunity to simplify compliance and achieve freedom in your sales efforts.


(1:22) Intro to Compliance

Compliance video

(20:02) Communication vs. Marketing


(28:46) CMS Approval

How to get approval

(36:19) Different Types of Marketing

TV, Radio, Websites

(39:56) Disclaimers

Disclaimer examples

(49:22) Important Rules Summary

Review of materials

(1:08:21) Questions

Agents get their compliance marketing questions answered

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