Compliance Overview

Video Summary

Join us for our Compliance Overview, focused on ethical practices in a changing landscape. Learn about crucial compliance topics, including marketing rules, documentation requirements, disclosure standards, and pre-enrollment checklists. Discover the latest technology tools available to simplify compliance tracking. Prioritize customer satisfaction and stay up-to-date on compliance requirements to protect your business.


(3:59) Why are we here?

Call centers

(6:02) Educational & Sales Events

Event types, location, permission to contact

(8:17) Scope of Appointment

Waiting period

(14:56) Disclaimers

What to include in your disclaimer

(24:37) Marketing Materials

How to get approved marketing materials

(29:53) CMS Regulation Updates

Simply Enroll, voice scope & enrollment

(35:44) Medicare Pro & Simply Enroll

Connecting your CRM to Simply Enroll

(38:40) NABIP Portal

Agent resources

(39:34) Medications

Inflation Reduction Act

(44:34) Questions

Agents get their questions answered

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