Life Insurance

Core Carrier Spotlight: Cincinnati Life

Video Summary

Discover the power of customizable solutions for success with Cincinnati Life Insurance in this webinar. Gain insights into the innovative strategies that set their products apart and learn how they can meet the unique insurance needs of your clients. From tailored solutions to competitive rates and success stories, find out how you can differentiate your offerings through key features. Walk away with actionable items for leveraging Cincinnati Life's products.


(2:02) About Cincinnati Life

The Cincinnati Life difference

(9:27) Worksite Life

Life insurance for small businesses, coverage limits, target industries/prospects

(18:06) Business Life

Different types of business life insurance, product overview

(22:59) Termsetter

Issue ages, return of premium

(26:17) Questions

Agents ask questions

(31:40) Drop Ticket

How to submit for Cincinnati Life

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