Dental, Vision, & Hearing Plans Overview

Video Summary

Discover the significance of adding a DVH plan to help protect your client. Explore dental, vision, and hearing plans that complement major medical coverage, providing clients with enhanced protection and filling coverage gaps. Expand your insurance offerings and maximize market success by selling DVH plans.


(1:52) Why Sell Ancillary?

How supplemental products can help fill the gaps

(3:03) Types of Ancillary Products

Different types of products and what they're used for

(4:18) Dental, Vision, & Hearing (DVH)

What is a DVH plans and why you should talk about them with your clients

(7:48) Dental

Waiting periods vs. no-waiting periods, On-exchange vs. Off-exchange

(16:18) Vision

12 vs. 24 month plans, annual exams

(19:24) Hearing

Hearing exams, hearing aids, network

(20:49) Selling DVH Plans

How to start the conversation, understanding your client's needs

(23:53) Overcoming Objections 

Examples on how to overcome objections

(25:58) Resources

Brokerage Bucks, flyers, trainings, contact information

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