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How to Generate Leads by Partnering with Providers

Video Summary

Evette Rodney, a Medicare lead generation expert, for an engaging webinar on cultivating relationships with healthcare providers. Discover the mutual benefits of partnering with providers and learn insider tips for effective marketing strategies. From face-to-face interactions to hosting educational sessions, Evette will provide actionable steps to generate a steady stream of qualified leads. Don't miss this opportunity to optimize your Medicare lead generation.


(1:11) What is Provider Marketing?

Types of providers

(8:58) Marketing to Providers

Key to marketing to providers, compliance

(15:48) Provider Initiative Assignment

How to build relationships with providers

(34:00) Provider Outreach Script

How to make the first call

(36:26) Marketing Items

Items to bring to the providers office

(44:55) Agency Provider Swarm

How agencies can utilize provider marketing

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