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How to Generate Medicare Referrals

Video Summary

Are you a Medicare agent looking to grow your business? In this training Evette Rodney provides proven strategies to generate more referrals. Learn how to build trust with clients, network with local partners, and use referral marketing tactics. Discover the power of maintaining positive experiences, hosting events, and leveraging online platforms. We'll also cover community involvement and reaching low-income prospects.


(1:40) What is Referral Marketing?

Word of mouth, building your referral network

(8:42) Staying on top of your client's mind

Staying in front of your client

(11:26) Lead Swapping Partnerships

Who you can team up with

(13:55) AEP Lead Opportunity


(19:47) How to Market your Meeting

Marketing materials to use to market your meeting

(21:58) Community Marketing

Best places to market in your community

(27:07) Marketing to the DSNP Population

Leveraging key influencers in your community

(32:41) Grass Roots Marketing

Marketing materials

(38:33) Retail Opportunity 

How to utilize retail stores



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