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Retirable: Financial Wellness for your Clients

Video Summary

In this webinar, Retirable's CEO, Tyler End, explains how the company assists pre-retirees and retirees with financial planning, focusing on healthcare costs and outliving savings. Retirable offers comprehensive services, including income source consolidation, spending analysis, investment management, and budget guidance. They provide fraud protection, support from fee-only advisors, and competitive fees. Retirable collaborates with brokers to deliver holistic financial and healthcare planning, with a simple client introduction process and compensation for brokers.


(1:41) About Retirable

How Retirable helps seniors

(5:41) Demo

Step-by-step through the process

(11:27) Introducing Retirable to Clients

Starter questions, best practices

(14:24) Getting Started

How to sign up, how to send referrals, tracking your success

(20:38) Questions

Agents ask questions


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