Short Term Medical New Rules & Regulations with Allstate

Video Summary

In this webinar, learn about upcoming changes to short-term medical plans from Allstate's expert Ever Martinez. Ever will discuss the shift to 3-month plan limits starting September 1, 2024. Explore new incentives and learn about  Allstate's Plan Enhancer supplemental product. Discover how to navigate regulatory changes and excel in the evolving insurance landscape.


(1:32) STM Final Regulations

New regulations for renewals and extensions, existing policies, what this means for your clients

(11:41) Incentives 

Elevate Rewards program, STM bonus

(26:03) Product Updates

Plan enhancer, sickness hospitalization rider, cancer & heart attack/stroke rider

(37:02) Dental

Coinsurance plans, copay plans update

(43:27) Vision

Plan highlights, benefits, network

(45:40) Questions 

Agents ask questions

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