Simply Enroll for Retail Agents

Video Summary

Join us for an insightful webinar on how Simple Enroll is revolutionizing Medicare enrollment for brokers. Learn how to streamline your workflow, save time, and enhance your client experience with our user-friendly platform. Discover how to easily create scopes of appointment, generate quotes, and simplify applications. Our electronic submission process makes inputting client details, comparing plans, and submitting applications a breeze. Access detailed reporting to provide better client service and elevate your brokerage services with Simple Enroll.


(1:24) About Simply Enroll

Features, compliance

(7:51) Accessing Simply Enroll Retail

Training, resources, registering

(17:57) Navigating Simply Enroll

Profile, client facing website, notifications

(30:42) Creating Contacts

How to create a contact in Simply Enroll

(36:33) Scope of Appointment

Creating a SOA, e-signatures, voice signatures

(59:24) Quoting

How to quote

(1:13:06) Enrolling

How to enroll a client on Simply Enroll

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