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Turn Social Security Prospects into Medicare Clients

Video Summary

In this webinar, Thomas Drapala shows how leveraging Social Security expertise can enhance your Medicare sales. Become a certified Social Security analyst to boost credibility, build trust with clients, and explore new sales opportunities. Discover the RSSA program, training modules, software, and consumer demand for Social Security planning. Integrate this expertise to facilitate discussions and increase Medicare sales.


(0:43) About RSSA

The RSSA program

(7:23) Why your Clients Needs Help with Social Security

Social Security advice

(9:54) Structure to Success

Education, designation, integration

(12:05) Education

5 module course

(14:59) Designation

What to expect

(16:12) Integration

Marketing materials, educational events

(20:16) The RSSA Roadmap

Get personalized reports for your clients, client portal, cross-selling opportunities

(24:16) Demo

Walkthrough of the RSSA website

(31:23) Exclusive Discount

The Brokerage Inc. exclusive discount with RSSA

(33:23) Questions 

Agents ask questions about the RSSA program

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