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7 Habits of Effective Insurance Agents

By Gillan Boyer

7 Habits Of Effective Agents

Whether you realize it or not, your habits have a big impact on your overall productivity, confidence, and well-being. Running an insurance business is no easy task, so it’s important to build healthy habits so that you can be most effective.

I’m confident that by implementing the strategies below, you will experience more success than ever before.

  1. Set Production Goals
  2. Establish a Routine
  3. Know Your Product
  4. Make Things Simple
  5. Always Networking
  6. Establishing Referral Business
  7. Self-Development

Set Production Goals

If you don’t set goals, how will you measure your success?

Goal setting helps you to clearly outline your priorities and shows you what you need to focus on at any given time of the year. 

It also helps you to stay motivated. Running your insurance business can get exhausting, and you need clear goals to keep you going through the tough times.

How much do you want to make this year? It could be $50,000 or $100,000 or even $250,000. That’s the wonderful thing about working for yourself!

Decide what products you will focus on at different times of the year and the commission levels of each, then you can determine how many policies you will need to sell in order to reach your income goals. 

When you work with a good FMO, your contracts are fully vested! That means that you get paid directly by the carriers and own your book of business. 

There is no limit to what you can accomplish.

Establish a Routine

In most jobs, your supervisor sets your work schedule and your routine is pretty standard. 

When running your own business, productivity is essential when aiming for a healthy work-life balance. 

By creating a daily routine, you are more likely to progress, succeed, and avoid burning out. Once established, it requires little to no effort and provides a valuable source of structure and direction in one’s life.

Check out these tips from innovation enterprise on how to establish a daily routine.

Know Your Product

You’ve taken the time to get your license, stay informed with continued education, and get contracted with all of your carriers. 

Now it’s time to be the trusted adviser on your products. 

Knowledge is power, and it often leads to more sales. It’s difficult to effectively sell if we cannot show how a particular product will address a client’s needs. 

Remember you are not just selling a product. You are solving a problem.

Make Things Simple for Your Clients

Your clients likely aren’t concerned with all of the details regarding their insurance product. Cover the basics and if they ask for more information, then it is appropriate to go deeper.

As a broker, your role is to be the trusted adviser who makes complicated products feel simple for your clients. If you can make the products simple, then your clients are more likely to relate with you and be willing to refer their friends over to you as well.

Always Networking

It’s not always what you know, but instead it’s who you know. Networking can help you reach more clients, knowledge, and eventually attain business growth and increase your profits.

According to Medium, here are the 9 benefits of business networking:

  1. Friendship
  2. Generation of Referrals
  3. Increased Confidence
  4. Opportunities
  5. Positive Influence
  6. Connections
  7. Raising your profile
  8. Advice
  9. Satisfaction from helping others

Networking also helps you establish referral business as discussed in the next section.

Establishing Referral Business

What sounds better – spending thousands on marketing each year, or having a consistent lead flow coming to you based on free referrals?

Of course, we all need to invest in our insurance business, but over time you should be establishing relationships with doctors, financial planners, human resources directors, and other relevant professionals.

Everyone needs an insurance expert whether it’s Medicare, ACA, Life Insurance, or even Ancillary products, and you can be that adviser.

I know of one agent whose book of business includes over 800 clients, and he no longer has to do any marketing. He simply maintains his current client relationships and receives free leads every week from his business referrals.


Self-development pushes us to try new things, overcome boundaries, and further our understanding. It’s about achieving the next level of excellency, and being proud of what we are able to do.

As you build your business, you have to remember to care for yourself. One way to do this is by reading top rated business books to give you fresh insight.

Other ideas include listening to helpful podcasts, finding a new hobby, and attending networking events to break out of your shell.


You are the author of your own success story. If you found some of these tips to be helpful, try implementing one or two habits this month and see how it impacts your overall productivity.

Remember that you can always contact us and our knowledgeable staff will help you build effective sales strategies and habits.

Gillan Boyer

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