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Help Your Clients with Hospital Bills

By Gillan Boyer

Hospital Bills

Hospital bills can be dreadful, and your clients may not have the supplemental coverage they need to make ends meet.

If you don’t tell them about how you can help them save on hospital bills, another agent will. 

Learn more about how Cigna and GTL can help meet your clients’ needs.

Guarantee Trust Life

The average medical cost for a one night stay in a US  hospital is around $1,889.

That makes two nights $3,778 and three nights $5,667

GTL offers plans that can cover costs ranging from $100 to $750 per day for up to 21 days.

This is saving them hundreds if not thousands of dollars a night!

Other Benefits include:

  • 24/7 Online Mayo Clinic
  • Ambulance Trips Coverage
  • Cancer Coverage
  • Critical Accidents Coverage
  • Outpatient Surgery Coverage
  • Daily Hospital Confinement Coverage


Cigna aims to control its low-cost while constantly improving the quality of its product.

They use a Cost-Containment Program to help clients have more medical savings besides low cost, which means more money is in their pockets!

Other Benefits for your clients include:

  • Pays Fixed Benefits
  • No restrictions
  • Supplements your Medical Plan
  • Cost-Effective Coverage
  • Convenience
  • Benefits are Portable

How to get started

If you have questions about these products, contact Belynda DiCiaccio | 469-635-6715 |

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