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What is E&O Insurance?

By Gillan Boyer

What Is A E&o

If you’re new to the insurance industry, you might have heard that you need “Errors & Omissions Insurance.” 

Many agents are confused about E&O. What is it? Why do I need it? Where do I get it? 

Continue scrolling to read our simple guide to help you better understand this essential coverage.

What is E&O Insurance?

Errors and Omissions Insurance is another term for professional liability insurance

E&O covers the legal fees in the event that there are claims of negligence or inadequate work filed against you. 

It is recommended for various professions, such as Insurance Agents, Financial Planners, and Lawyers.

Why do I need E&O Insurance?

Without E&O insurance, you are liable for millions in damages plus the fees associated with a legal team.

Errors and omissions coverage helps you avoid a substantial financial hit in the event that someone accuses you of malpractice. 

Looking for an example of how E&O protects your business?

Here are 6 common errors and omissions claims against insurance agents.

Where do I get E&O Insurance?

Many companies offer E&O policies, and it is important that you check with each carrier to discuss what limitations and exclusions you need.

These policies offer riders to provide additional protection, such as cyber insurance, HIPPA security breaches, and more.

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Each carrier has different pricing, depending on your profession, limits of liability, and past claims experience.


We hope that this guide helped you understand E&O insurance.

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