How to Use Humana Vantage

By Dana Minear

Humana Vantage

Humana Vantage is a powerful agent portal that puts all of your tools in one place.

It provides access to items such as:

  • Quote and enroll systems
  • Doctor and pharmacy lookup tool
  • Rx Calculator
  • Commission information
  • Contracting processes
  • Marketing and sales materials
  • Education and training

Please note this uses images from a PC. The view on a tablet or phone will look different, although the functionality should still be there.

If you have not received a Writing Number, many of these features will not be visible to you. Once you have completed certifications and received your Writing Number, the site will be available.

Start here

Click the green Sign In tile on the top right-hand corner of the page.

Humana 1 1

Click on Vantage under the green For Your Retail Business tile.

Humana 3 1

The Humana Vantage home page as shown below is comprised of several Card Tabs.

Humana 4 2

Notifications, Secure Mail, Contact Info, and the Help Center can be found at the top right-hand corner of the page (see the red arrow above).

If you have Notifications, you will see those in the green bell icon.

If you have Secure Mail, you will see those in the green envelope icon.

The Contact Us tile is an especially helpful tool.

Humana 6

The Help tile provides access to the Business Center and frequently asked questions.

Humana 17

Licensing, Certification & Contracts

Agents can use Vantage to check their license(s) status, appointment, and certifications status.

They can also access certifications by clicking on the Get Certified/Recertify Tile.


MarketPoint University is where you will be able to access Certifications and Courses, the Events Calendar, and Completed Training.

Humana 10

Sales & Marketing

Access hundreds of pre-approved, customizable marketing materials through the Marketing Resource Center (MRC).

Humana 11
Marketing Resource Center

Your place for new pre-approved, customizable marketing materials to help you connect with your prospects.

Humana 12
Humana Ignite

Ignite is a hub for the Humana content you need to get ready for AEP.

Reach Rewards

Sign up to earn rewards points including money to spend in the MRC, pre-payment of recertification costs, concierge access to Humana’s customer service team, and a bunch of other rewards!

Service Inquiries
Humana 17 1


Humana 19 1

Quote & Enroll

Humana 20 E1629140952442

Fastapp – a great tool to enroll members in a Medicare Supplement online!

Enrollment Hub – a streamlined paperless application that allows agents to complete Humana and CarePlus applications for both Connected and Offline Enrollments.

Digital Marketing Materials – emails prospects custom marketing materials for up to three plan options.

Application Status – enter the zip code associated with your applicant’s primary residential address.

Scope of Appointment – required for all one-on-on MA/MAPD/PDP sales appointments, this includes appointments completed over the phone and virtually.

Upload Paper Applications – simply add the member’s name and upload here.

DSNP Eligibility – Dual Special Needs Plan eligibility verification tool does not validate agent licensing.

Individual Customer Number Grid – shows a list of all plans (guides) and includes service areas, markets, premiums, etc.

Member Care Assessment (MCA) – take the mandatory MarketPoint University training in order to assess your member’s needs with the optional MCA Survey. You’ll be eligible to earn a $50 payment for each one you complete.

Blank Verification of Chronic Condition (VCC) Form – for members to qualify for this Special Needs Plan, member diagnosis of the qualifying condition(s) must be verified by a physician or physician’s office.

Doctor & Pharmacy

Humana has tools to help determine if certain doctors and pharmacies participate in our network and if certain drugs are included in the formularies.

Humana 22

Humana business center

Agents can access all applications and enrollment status tools with a simple click of a button.

Humana 23


Humana 25

Mobile & Tablet

Humana 26


You should now have the tools you need to use Humana Vantage. There is much more than what has been presented here, so jump in and look around!

If you want to get contracted with Humana or have questions about how to grow your business, you can learn about partnering with our FMO.

Dana Minear

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Dana is our Marketing Coordinator, supporting our product teams, promoting trainings, and keeping our operations in order.