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2022 AEP OEP What You Need to Know

Episode Summary

Mike Smith, a speaker from a health insurance brokerage, presented a webinar for insurance agents regarding the upcoming 2022 Open Enrollment Period for Affordable Care Act (ACA) health plans. He began by emphasizing that ACA plans are easy to quote and enroll through their online enrollment platform, Health Sherpa.

Smith then introduced the brokerage's dedicated ACA team which is available to assist agents throughout the enrollment process. The ACA team can help agents get certified to sell ACA plans, understand plan details and benefits, and strategize on growing an ACA book of business.

Next, Smith outlined the expanded subsidies and reduced premium costs that are newly available for 2022 under the American Rescue Plan Act passed in 2021. The new law has significantly increased subsidy eligibility and amounts, meaning many uninsured Americans can now qualify for $0 premium plans or plans under $50 per month. Smith positioned the increased affordability as a major opportunity for agents to reach new customers.

The majority of the webinar consisted of overviews of the 9 major ACA carriers that the brokerage will be partnering with for 2022 enrollments. Smith reviewed each carrier one by one, highlighting their unique benefits, provider networks, commission structures, and regional footprints.

The carriers mentioned include established national players like Blue Cross Blue Shield and UnitedHealthcare, Medicaid-focused plans like Molina, regional players like Christus Health Plans, innovative new entrants like Bright Health, and an upcoming expansion from Aetna.

Smith singled out Bright Health as a carrier to watch, predicting they will be the top-selling ACA plan in Texas for 2022 enrollment. He cited Bright's organized marketing efforts and integrated care delivery model as reasons the new carrier is poised for growth.

Beyond ACA medical plans, Smith also discussed how agents can supplement their clients' coverage with ancillary products like dental and vision plans from Emeritus, hospital indemnity plans from Surebridge, and short-term medical plans from companies like Pivot Health.

In closing, Smith encouraged agents to capitalize on the 2022 enrollment period by utilizing the brokerage's array of resources to get certified, understand plan options, access marketing materials, and co-op funds, and efficiently enroll clients through the Health Sherpa platform. With expanded subsidies creating more affordable coverage options, he framed ACA enrollment as a major opportunity for agents to grow their businesses while helping uninsured individuals gain health insurance.


(0:00:05) - This week's Broker Link is ahead of the 2022 open enrollment period
(0:00:55) - Health Sherpa makes writing ACA business so very easy to quote and enroll
(0:07:13) - For those serving in the Medicare marketplace, start thinking about the dual-eligible
(0:13:26) - The Brokerage Inc. helps you get appointed, certified and ready to sell
(0:16:57) - We have an amazing portfolio of nine ACA products available through our website
(0:19:12) - Some of these ACA carriers are offering co-op marketing dollars
(0:22:38) - Scott White: Blue Cross has the deepest and broadest network of all ACA carriers
(0:30:17) - Friday Health puts their money behind independent broker distribution
(0:36:03) - You might want to get a contract with Oscar Health in El Paso in 2022
(0:40:09) - Bright Health will be the number one selling health plan in Texas in 2022
(0:46:30) - Make sure you are aligned with the brokerage for UnitedHealthcare ACA products
(0:51:47) - Short-term major medical still has a viable place in today's market
(0:55:52) - Mike Smith: Best of luck to you all in this open enrollment period

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