ACA – Q&A with Belynda DiCiaccio

Episode Summary

The content covers strategies and opportunities for insurance agents to sell Affordable Care Act (ACA) health insurance plans, with a focus on the Texas market.

It starts by highlighting the massive uninsured population in Texas - over 5.4 million residents lack health coverage, approximately 21% of the state. Texas has the highest rate of uninsured individuals nationwide.

Specifically, the top 10 cities in the U.S. for uninsured populations are located right in Texas. This presents a major opportunity for insurance agents to enroll residents in ACA plans.

Looking deeper at the uninsured in Texas:

- 56% of uninsured Texans have at least one full-time worker in the household. Many simply can't afford coverage through their jobs.

- 60% earn less than $35,000 per year. Buying insurance often feels out of reach financially.

- 29% of Texans below 35% of the federal poverty level are uninsured.

Many uninsured residents don't understand the affordable coverage options available through the ACA marketplaces. This is where agents can provide education and enroll eligible individuals and families.

Some effective marketing strategies include:

- Hosting events at low-income apartments to explain ACA options. Hot dog socials or ice cream gatherings work to draw people in.

- Partnering with food banks, unemployment offices, and temp agencies. They interact with the target uninsured demographic.

- Building relationships with pharmacies, doctors' offices, and free clinics that see uninsured cash-pay patients.

- Attending local events like flea markets and farmers markets to reach the community.

- Leveraging referrals from existing clients, friends, and family members.

A key opportunity is the special enrollment period (SEP) open year-round in 2022 for those under 150% of the federal poverty level. This allows enrollment any time of year, with the ability to change plans up to once per month.

Income for subsidy calculation is based on 2021 tax returns until 2023 details are released. The modified adjusted gross income amount should be used from their tax return.

While most carriers are paying full SEP commissions, Bright, Molina, Oscar, and Scott & White currently are not.

For agents new to ACA sales, one-on-one and group training is available to get up to speed on contracts, certification, marketing, platforms, and enrollment processes.

In summary, the massive uninsured population in Texas presents a major opportunity for insurance agents to generate leads and enroll residents in affordable ACA health plans, especially given the open enrollment period. Focused marketing and consumer education will be key to reaching this underserved demographic.


(0:00:00) - Broker link is offering opportunities to sell ACA year-round
(0:01:14) - More than 5.4 million Texans are currently uninsured
(0:04:11) - A lot of listeners have been asking about this year's special enrollment period
(0:11:45) - Texas listeners get an opportunity to attend a free life insurance roadshow
(0:12:40) - Can clients change plans throughout the year? Yes, they can
(0:13:28) - Use modified adjusted gross income to calculate Medicaid income for ACA
(0:14:29) - Right now four carriers are not paying ACA Sep commissions
(0:15:18) - Is rental property income included in ACA qualifications? Yes, it is
(0:16:33) - If you need some training on how to sell ACA, reach out to us
(0:17:16) - We empower insurance agents to sell more, earn more, and stay independent

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