Add Travel Insurance to Your Portfolio?

Episode Summary

This conversation provides a comprehensive overview of travel medical insurance and why it has become essential for most international travelers.

The discussion begins by noting how awareness and understanding of travel insurance have grown dramatically in recent years due to world events. Whereas many travelers previously saw it as an unnecessary expense, today most people recognize the value of being covered in case of medical emergencies or trip disruptions abroad.

A key point made is that Medicare, Affordable Care Act plans, and even robust domestic health insurance often have major coverage gaps when traveling overseas. This demonstrates the need for a separate, comprehensive travel medical policy. IMG provides this type of coverage.

IMG offers a range of individual and group travel medical insurance plans to meet different needs. Popular options like Patriot Platinum, Patriot America Plus, and iTravelInsured provide different coverage maximums and deductible choices. Customers can use IMG's online quoting system to easily find the right plan.

For students studying abroad, IMG offers tailored plans like Patriot Exchange and Student Health Advantage. These policies provide specialized protection for students traveling globally.

In addition to financial coverage, IMG provides invaluable emergency assistance services. Their multilingual team can arrange treatment at foreign hospitals, medical evacuation homes, and other support. This gives travelers peace of mind.

Proof of travel medical coverage is essential when applying for visas or entering many countries. IMG's plans provide the documentation required to show authorities.

The discussion emphasizes that travel insurance should no longer be an afterthought. Travelers need to understand their existing coverage gaps, and research options, and ask questions. This allows them to find the right policy for their particular international trip.

Overall, the conversation highlights that travel insurance can alleviate many of the risks and concerns associated with traveling abroad. IMG's mix of financial protection and on-the-ground medical assistance provides security and confidence for global travelers.


(0:00:04) - Broker link podcast talks about travel insurance for people traveling this year
(0:00:46) - IMG is your trusted source for growing your insurance business
(0:02:31) - IMG travel medical insurance is booming as the travel industry rebounds
(0:05:28) - With Medicare, there's a gap in coverage that exists
(0:11:02) - IMG offers a full line of international medical insurance, trip cancellation
(0:14:27) - IMG offers comprehensive healthcare coverage for clients traveling internationally
(0:16:50) - Executive travel is on the rise. We're seeing a lot of business executives traveling abroad
(0:19:30) - Patriot offers a variety of short-term and long-term medical insurance plans
(0:26:30) - We offer the Patriot Platinum and the Patriot America Plus for non-residents
(0:30:01) - IMG offers short-term plans that insure deposits in case the trip gets canceled
(0:37:27) - We provide a lot of great essential coverage for international travel
(0:43:22) - Great cross-selling opportunity, a way to grow your business, get more clients

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