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SEP Success – Bundling Tips & Tricks

Episode Summary

As we continue our series on SEP Success, today we take a look at how to bundle some of your products.

Health expert, Michelle McLaren explains the power of strategic bundling and how it can help you thrive in the off-season.

Michelle tells us how to:

  • Learn client-focused solutions
  • Bundle packages
  • Key practices for success in insurance sales
  • Explain a client's qualifications
  • Help clients dealing with Medicaid Unwinding
  • Talk about deductibles
  • And a lot more!

And if you would like to start this series from the beginning, check out this podcast, SEP Success: ACA 101


(0:00:00) - Michelle McLaren: We're going to talk about bundling tips and tricks
(0:03:31) - Anyone who has lost Medicaid has a special enrollment period available
(0:06:17) - Bundling can fill in holes that standard major medical plans leave open
(0:12:54) - Don't forget your dental, vision and hearing plans
(0:18:25) - Well, let's talk about some of those non-medical expenses. Accidents can have different levels of coverage
(0:22:15) - February is Mental health Month, Children's dental, and mouth Month
(0:30:45) - Insurance can save people thousands of dollars if something bad comes up
(0:31:23) - We do not publish these cheat sheets because they're changing all the time
(0:34:18) - What plan options would you recommend to cover medical expenses for a teenager
(0:35:27) - TBI's brokerage bucks program lets you earn points based on your sales
(0:37:20) - Mike Papuk is our national health affairs director for TBI

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