Best Products for Agents to Cross-Sell?

Episode Summary

The podcast episode focuses on cross-selling strategies and top ancillary products for Medicare agents to offer their clients. The host talks with Jesse from Surebridge about how bundling additional plans with Medicare can benefit both agents and their clients.

Jesse starts by explaining why cross-selling is so crucial for Medicare agents. By adding ancillary products, agents build residual income from renewal commissions instead of relying solely on first-year Medicare enrollments. The data shows that selling just one additional product per week provides around $13,000 in extra annual income. This incentive helps agents retain clients for the long term instead of only getting one-time Medicare sales.

In terms of top products to cross-sell, hospital indemnity insurance like Surebridge's Hospital Wise offering is recommended. This helps cover Medicare Advantage out-of-pocket costs such as copays and coinsurance that clients may be exposed to. Having this supplemental coverage protects clients from unexpected medical bills that their Medicare plan doesn't fully cover.

Another product is critical illness insurance which pays cash benefits directly to clients diagnosed with major conditions like cancer, a heart attack, or stroke. This lump sum payment can be a financial lifeline during a health crisis to cover lost wages, travel for treatment, and other expenses. Jesse suggests introducing it by asking clients about people they know who have had a serious diagnosis and how it impacted them financially.

For dental, vision, and hearing, Jesse highlights Surebridge's Prime DVH product. Medicare does not cover routine dental cleanings, vision exams, or hearing aids so this plan makes those services affordable. Allowing clients to see any provider without network restrictions also makes the plan more attractive.

Jesse emphasizes leading with questions about client needs to introduce ancillary products. Review their current Medicare plan gaps and show how adding supplemental plans reduces their financial exposure. Bundling plans improves retention and lifetime value.

He closes by highlighting Surebridge's new agent bonus opportunity. Selling the first two policies earns a $50 bonus. Their current app contest also pays $25 per app sold up to 10 apps through April. This incentive makes now a great time for agents to begin cross-selling Surebridge's top ancillary solutions.


(0:00:03) - Cross-selling is a topic that we bring up regularly on the broker link
(0:00:50) - Surebridge helps insurance agents sell more, earn more, and stay independent
(0:02:48) - One of your main products is called Hospital Wise. Tell us more about that
(0:08:36) - Another one of your featured products is critical illness. Tell us more about that
(0:11:31) - How do you introduce the critical illness product to a client
(0:13:46) - About one in four Americans don't have dental coverage
(0:16:21) - Carrington's prime DBH plan doesn't require network membership
(0:17:28) - Surebridge has a bonus opportunity for new agents
(0:18:59) - Surebridge helps insurance agents sell more, earn more, and stay independent

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