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Choose an Agency Management System

Episode Summary

This podcast episode focuses on choosing the right agency management system (AMS) for insurance professionals. As agencies grow, spreadsheets and generic CRM systems often can't keep up with organizing complex client data, workflows, commissions, and communications. An insurance-specific AMS solves these problems by streamlining operations and increasing productivity.

The host interviews Steve Ogden of Agency Bloc, a leading AMS provider for health and life insurance agencies. Steve explains that an AMS differs from a generic CRM by offering features tailored for insurance professionals. This includes built-in workflows, licensing management, automated processes, and commission tracking. A good AMS pays for itself quickly by boosting efficiency and ensuring you never miss a commission payment.

When researching an AMS, Steve suggests first identifying your goals and needs. Map out what you want to accomplish so you can look for a system that aligns with your priorities. Also, seek out an AMS partner rather than just a software vendor. The right partner will provide excellent ongoing service and support to help you fully adopt and optimize the platform.

Steve highlights the abundance of video testimonials as a key differentiator for Agency Bloc. The validation from other insurance professionals using the system carries more weight than claims from sales reps. He also emphasizes the importance of scalability - look for unlimited data and transactions so the system can grow with your evolving needs.

As a Brokerage partner, Steve notes you can receive an exclusive 10% discount on Agency Bloc for the first year. This allows you to access the top-rated AMS for health and life carriers at a very affordable cost. The host agrees this partnership approach creates a feedback loop for continuous improvement on both sides.

In summary, implementing the right AMS can streamline your insurance agency workflows, provide a comprehensive view of your book of business, automate key processes, and ensure you never miss out on commissions owed. Identify your needs, seek a tailored insurance-focused solution, find a partner who provides excellent support, and leverage validated testimonials from industry peers in your AMS selection process.


(0:00:02) - Agency bloc is the number one agency-recommended agency management system for insurance
(0:01:10) - Gillan: An agency management system is specifically for insurance agencies
(0:07:38) - Agency bloc is the number one agency-recommended agency management system
(0:10:47) - Gillan: What makes agency block unique compared to other solutions
(0:15:56) - Gillan: Technology is key to managing an agency without. There should be no way they're managing business without technology
(0:17:48) - When looking for an agency management system, you should consider working with a true partner

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