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Retirement Plans for Medicare Clients

Episode Summary

This podcast episode focuses on a new financial planning platform called Retirable that aims to help retirees holistically manage their finances. The host Gillan interviews Retirable's CEO Tyler End about the services they provide.

Tyler starts by giving an overview of Retirable. He explains that it is a tech platform built specifically to assist retirees and seniors with financial planning for retirement. Users get matched with a personal financial advisor who will answer their questions and provide ongoing support. Retirable also creates customized investment portfolios to help clients understand how to invest safely in retirement. They offer high-interest checking accounts to provide guidance on safe spending amounts. Additionally, Retirable provides free fraud protection services to help protect seniors against scams.

Tyler then discusses the professional background that led him to create Retirable. He started his career working for an insurance company where he focused on "decumulation planning" - helping people transition out of the workforce into retirement. Tyler realized there was a great need for this kind of planning support, as retirement represents a major life change with many financial unknowns.

After that experience, Tyler worked for an insurance tech startup called PolicyGenius which aimed to improve access to insurance products. In 2019 he launched Retirable to leverage his past experience and create a solution focused specifically on retirement planning and deccumulation for the mass market.

A key differentiator of Retirable is how it provides a holistic financial planning experience tailored to seniors that goes beyond just investments. The platform aims to help alleviate clients' biggest concerns about healthcare costs and outliving savings in retirement. Tyler notes most financial advisors target only high-net-worth individuals, but Retirable is designed for middle and lower-income retirees as well.

The episode then discusses how Retirable can benefit insurance agents who partner with them. Tyler explains how agents can easily introduce and refer clients to Retirable for retirement planning support. Retirable's services are complementary, as they do not sell any insurance products themselves. They aim to be a value-added resource, not a competitor.

Tyler suggests agents can bring up Retirable when clients have questions about topics like Social Security, 401ks, IRAs, etc. The key is identifying clients who have some retirement savings, generally $50k or more in accounts like 401ks or IRAs. Then agents can feel confident referring them to Retirable for expert retirement planning assistance.

In summary, Retirable provides a holistic financial planning and advising solution tailored specifically for retirees. Their services aim to help clients manage healthcare costs, budgeting, investing, and protecting of assets in retirement. Retirable fills a key gap by focusing on middle and lower-income retirees underserved by traditional financial advisors. The platform makes it easy for insurance agents to refer clients and provide complementary retirement planning support.


(0:00:00) - Tyler End from Retireable talks about their retirement solution for Medicare clients
(0:01:32) - Retireable helps people with their decumulation and retirement planning
(0:03:13) - Retireable is built to help seniors with financial planning
(0:07:05) - Retireable helps Medicare distributors get started and refer clients over
(0:11:46) - The people we can help most with our platforms are those who have retirement accounts
(0:13:13) - If you are interested in partnering with Retirable, there's a couple of ways

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