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Comply with CMS Call Recordings

Episode Summary

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have enacted new regulations requiring the recording of phone calls that are part of the Medicare enrollment process. This long-form summary will explain the key details brokers need to know to comply with these new call recording rules.

First, it's important to understand what needs to be recorded. The rules apply to Medicare Advantage and Part D plan enrollments done over the phone. Any call that is part of the "chain of enrollment" - from initial plan awareness to final decision - must be recorded. However, in-person enrollments do not need recording.

As brokers, it will be our job to determine which calls are considered part of the enrollment process. A good guideline is to record any call where you discuss plan options, conduct a needs analysis, explain benefits, or finalize enrollment. Essentially, carriers want to be able to review recordings to ensure clients are not being misled.

Recordings of phone enrollments must be stored securely for 10 years and be easily accessible in case of complaints or audits. Carriers are responsible for enforcing the call recording rules and requesting recordings as needed. Failing to comply could lead to disciplinary action.

At the start of each recorded call, brokers must now read a required disclaimer stating that not every plan is presented and directing consumers to for more information. This aims to provide transparency around the options consumers have.

Brokers have a few options to comply with recording requirements. For those using the SimplyEnroll platform, integrated call recording capabilities will be added. For more flexibility, third-party software like Intuls can provide customizable recording solutions. Or brokers can build their system if HIPAA compliance is ensured.

While some brokers are frustrated by these new regulations, they ultimately aim to cut down on misleading sales tactics from disreputable call centers. As trusted brokers, compliance allows us to demonstrate our value and expertise. With proper preparation, we can have our best and most compliant AEP yet.

The key is to understand what needs to be recorded, evaluate technology options, and make a plan that fits your business needs. Focus on what you can control - your ability to serve clients and help them find the right Medicare coverage. Let me know if you have any other questions!


(0:00:03) - The Broker link provides advice on how to comply with Medicare call recording requirements
(0:01:19) - There's been a lot of talk about the new Medicare call recording guidelines
(0:03:40) - This new requirement applies to enrollments done over the phone
(0:10:20) - Calling all Texas Medicare and ACA brokers to attend our annual kickoff
(0:11:39) - The current understanding is that the opt-out option must be requested by the beneficiary
(0:13:52) - Simply Enroll platform powered by Sunfire Matrix will have call recording features
(0:15:45) - Option three is you could build your solution. Now this is the riskiest
(0:19:29) - Make sure you understand the requirements for the 2023 Medicare AEP
(0:22:26) - There's no need to panic. Focus on what you can control
(0:23:39) - We empower insurance agents to sell more, earn more, and stay independent

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