Create an Effective Sales Process

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Steve starts by explaining the key elements of a good sales process. First, it needs to be all-encompassing, mapping out every stage and step so that nothing is missed. Second, it must be repeatable so salespeople execute consistently each time. Third, it should be sustainable over the long term without constant changes.

When building a sales process, Steve advises starting with gathering leads and suspects. Once connected, leads should be qualified as prospects or unqualified if there is no fit. The next step is needs analysis to understand what the prospect is looking for, followed by crafting a strong proposal.

After presenting the proposal, the goal is to get the prospect's acceptance. Then paperwork can be submitted to the carrier. It's critical to track the sales pipeline with stages, confidence level, and aging of each opportunity. This helps ensure no step is missed and that deals don't stall.

A system like Agency Bloc is invaluable for sales process automation. It allows agencies to categorize, track, and report on leads, prospects, opportunities, sales activities, and aging. Sales managers can monitor agents to make sure the right activities are happening promptly.

Commissions can also be tracked and reconciled automatically. Overall, a platform like Agency Bloc helps agencies scale by systemizing the sales process for consistency, efficiency, and maximum conversion.

Steve emphasizes that in today's remote work world, paper files and spreadsheets are no longer sufficient. Leveraging technology like Agency Bloc allows insurance agencies to grow much faster.

In summary, the key to scaling an insurance agency is implementing an effective, repeatable sales process. This requires mapping out all stages, ensuring consistency, tracking opportunities, and automating with a robust platform. Agencies that systemize their sales will convert more prospects and experience sustainable growth.


(0:00:05) - The Broker Link helps insurance agents sell more, earn more, and stay independent
(0:00:41) - I am the sales manager at Agency Bloc, and Agency Bloc started in 2008
(0:02:05) - How to create an effective repeatable sales process at your insurance agency
(0:04:16) - Steve: How do you build a sales process for your insurance agency
(0:09:59) - Agency bloc helps with managing salespeople with commissions and tracking activities
(0:13:04) - Agency bloc is an agency management system that can help grow your agency
(0:13:28) - Steve: We use agency block as our agency management system
(0:15:29) - Steve, anything else today before we go that you want to just drop for our listeners

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