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This Broker Link podcast featured a panel discussion between representatives of the Brokerage's cross-selling partners, including the Canadian Med Store, Retirable, and Manhattan Life. The goal was to highlight the immense benefits of strategic partnerships for agents, clients, and partners.

Bill Hepscher from the Canadian Med Store explained how he started the company to help his brother access affordable prescription drugs from licensed Canadian pharmacies. The company now enables Americans to save up to 80% on medications through cross-border ordering. Their partnership with the Brokerage provides an agent concierge service to make the process seamless for clients.

Tyler End from Retirable discussed the company's mission to deliver personalized financial planning to retirees at affordable rates. By collaborating with the Brokerage, they can offer tailored strategies and products to help clients retire with confidence. This partnership expands the Brokerage's capabilities in retirement services.

Kemp Cole from Manhattan Life emphasized their competitive insurance offerings like short-term care policies with easy online applications. Partnerships give Brokerage clients access to policies that protect health and wealth.

Chris Newberry from the Brokerage outlined the end-to-end support they provide agents looking to begin cross-selling. This includes product training, marketing assets, and ways to strategically introduce partner services to existing clients.

The panelists agreed that the right partnerships can supercharge growth by providing greater value to clients. Partnerships allow agents to expand service offerings beyond their core capabilities. Concierge services and tailored offerings make accessing these benefits seamless for clients. And competitive partner products increase savings and loyalty.

Cross-selling partnerships are a win-win for strengthening client relationships while significantly growing agent businesses. With the right allies, agents can build a support network that drives growth by delivering value to clients.

The key takeaway? Strategic cross-selling alliances provide huge opportunities to increase client satisfaction, lifetime value, and referrals while expanding agents' capabilities. Partnerships are key to unlocking growth in today's market.


(0:00:05) - Broker Link podcast is your trusted source for growing your insurance business
(0:03:39) - Bill FMo shares his story of how he started Eloquest Pharmacy
(0:08:20) - Retireable is a first-of-its-kind financial planning platform for retirees
(0:13:43) - Cole Kemp with Manhattan Life shares his advice on starting your own agency
(0:14:19) - Manhattan's agent portal lets you apply for multiple products with one application
(0:16:41) - Manhattan Life offers dental vision and hearing products for a 40% commission
(0:18:35) - We have a brewing problem in the United States called long-term care
(0:20:41) - You can supplement your Medicare and ACA sales with a few life insurance policies
(0:22:41) - Self-pay pharmacy is a self-pay pharmacy, so anybody can utilize us
(0:24:28) - Humana and UnitedHealthcare are battling over dental plans
(0:25:04) - Pendant is partnering with Retirable to help you grow your insurance business

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