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Top Value-Based Care with Providers

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This podcast featured a discussion on Medicare provider marketing strategies between leaders from top companies Wellmed, Centerwell and Dedicated. As Medicare agents, developing smart partnerships with providers is essential for driving growth, getting referrals, and retaining clients by providing robust care. These industry experts shared valuable insights into their care models, partnership opportunities, and approaches to marketing.

Wellmed's Chief Growth Officer emphasized their vast experience with value-based care models, having pioneered them long before they were popular. He explained that Wellmed's care model goes far beyond just the doctor-patient relationship. They have extensive support services like social workers providing caregiver support, medication assistance even in the donut hole, mobile clinics, a charitable foundation, a fitness facility, and more. This demonstrates Wellmed's commitment to whole-person, value-based coordinated care.

Centerwell's interim leader in DFW discussed their mission to bring excellence and improved access to preventative care for seniors. She highlighted their care coordination program that pays agents $150 for setting up a patient's first appointment. This incentivizes establishing care while strengthening agent relationships. She also emphasized that Centerwell guarantees patients can see an MD for routine visits, with advanced clinicians like PAs handling acute needs. Their focus is on serving underserved areas.

The sales director for Dedicated emphasized their model of VIP service, with PCPs giving out their personal cell numbers for direct 24/7 access. He also highlighted their creative partnership opportunity where clinic marketers, who are not licensed agents, team up with agents on community events to generate reciprocal referrals and help both parties acquire new clients.

Wellmed's leader also outlined their rules of engagement to protect an agent's book of business within their clinics. They thoroughly vet each agent before assigning them to ensure professional courtesy and avoid flipping. This gives agents confidence in referring clients.

Overall, the experts emphasized timely access, communication, and holistic coordinated care for seniors as central pillars of their models. They are competing on service and quality. This podcast highlighted the importance of Medicare agents choosing provider partners strategically based on alignment in values, care models, referral programs and incentives. It offered excellent insights into evaluating partnership opportunities to drive growth and retention in a crowded Medicare insurance market.


(0:00:04) - Broker Link podcast features a panel discussion about provider marketing between top providers
(0:00:50) - Jim Jones is the chief growth officer for Wellmed in North Texas
(0:01:18) - Amanda Valverde is serving as interim market pressure for DFW
(0:02:21) - What makes your care model unique? And this will be a question
(0:03:14) - Wellmed is a value-based healthcare provider with 33 years in the market
(0:05:52) - Centerwell is a Dallas-based provider of senior care services
(0:07:27) - Steve: Dedicated PCPs are truly that VIP service
(0:09:56) - Centerwell has a care coordination program that allows agents to schedule first appointments
(0:11:36) - How can agents partner with dedicated providers to grow their business
(0:12:55) - Wellmed protects the AOR with its clinic model
(0:15:10) - Getting primary care physicians into some of your new establishments has been challenging
(0:17:22) - Value-based care is a must-have in terms of a partnership with insurance agents

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