Cross-Selling with Agent Rita Garza

Episode Summary

This podcast episode features insurance agent Rita Garza sharing how cross-selling has fueled the exponential growth of her agency in Corpus Christi, Texas. She provides her best tips for cross-selling insurance products successfully.

Rita got into insurance through her husband, who was already selling various policies. With 18 years of medical office experience, Rita was comfortable speaking to clients about insurance needs. In 2017, they opened their agency to better serve clients.

Cross-Selling Approach

Rita takes a consultative approach, using an intake sheet to understand clients' full range of needs upfront. This builds trust and allows thoughtful recommendations.

For ACA plans, Rita helps clients pick the right level plan. She cross-sells critical illness or accident policies to supplement the high deductibles. Add-ons like dental and vision provide further coverage.

Rita focuses on treating clients like family, never rushing. She offers free customer service even to non-clients, building goodwill that leads to cross-selling wins.

Reinforcing Need to Cross-Sell

Rita shared a powerful example where a client declined critical illness insurance, and then had a heart attack soon after. This reinforced why presenting those supplemental plans is so crucial.

Starting Small

For agents new to cross-selling, Rita suggests starting with just one additional product. Attend training, leverage others' expertise, and expand from there.

Focus on Service, Not Money

Rita emphasizes that excellent service, not financial goals, leads to success. Cross-selling allows you to provide more value to clients.

Additional Tips

Little services like offering notary work can open doors to cross-sell to new clients stopping in.

Rita is recruiting agents, especially bilingual ones, to continue growing. She advises getting very good at one Medicare or ACA carrier before expanding.

In summary, Rita has grown her agency by taking a consultative approach, focusing on service, reinforcing the need for cross-selling, starting small, and leveraging agency expertise. Her tips can help agents improve their cross-selling skills.


(0:00:03) - Broker Link helps insurance agents sell more, earn more, and stay independent
(0:00:44) - Tell us how you got into the industry and how your business has grown
(0:03:17) - We're talking about cross-selling and how it has impacted our business
(0:06:42) - You start with an intake sheet for every client whether they're ACA or Medicare
(0:12:44) - When I talk to my agents here, they're also cross-selling now
(0:18:38) - You've got to do the little things if you're going to be a notary
(0:20:16) - A lot of clients will want to sell Medicare or Obamacare
(0:22:56) - Are you recruiting at all or do you have capacity
(0:24:34) - Samuel: An insurance agency has seen phenomenal growth thanks to a broker approach

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