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Growing an Insurance Agency

Episode Summary

Agency Owner Sonny Gurney's journey from struggling to make ends meet with part-time jobs to building and leading a successful 100+ person insurance agency offers valuable insights and lessons for entrepreneurs.

Sonny Gurney's inspirational story shows that with the right mindset and strategy, you can turn struggle into success and build a thriving insurance agency. His journey offers motivation along with practical tips for growth and expansion in the insurance industry.


(0:00:00) - I'm here with Sonny Gurney from Michigan. He is the owner of the gurney agency

(0:00:33) - How did Sonny Gurney get into insurance? It's a long story

(0:07:26) - Mike Smith started in life insurance and eventually moved into health insurance

(0:14:32) - Hopkins has fully embraced the brokerage. Well, it's funny because when I first started working the brokerage

(0:18:46) - What makes your agency different from other agencies in the area

(0:25:03) - This is my first time at our new office in Texas

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