How to Develop a Winning Strategy

Episode Summary

This podcast episode focuses on how to develop a winning mindset to accomplish your biggest goals and find success. The insights are drawn from the famous self-help book "Born to Win" by Zig Ziglar.

The hosts explain that having desire and vision are the starting points for success. Observing great achievements like winning a championship or building a business reveals that success doesn't just happen by accident. The people who accomplish big things have a desire that drives them to prepare thoroughly and believe they can win.

Desire fuels two important qualities: commitment and perseverance. Commitment keeps you focused and consistent in chasing your vision when things get difficult. Perseverance gives you the resilience to press on through setbacks. Without desire leading to commitment and perseverance, visions remain simply potential and don't become reality.

So how do you spark desire and vision? The hosts suggest looking for inspirational moments that reveal your potential. For example, a supervisor once told Zig Ziglar that he could become the best salesman in the country. This vision inspired Ziglar's desire and motivated him to achieve great success.

The next step is setting specific, measurable goals. Goals provide direction and prevent wasted effort. Clearly define what you want to accomplish and by when. Understanding what you'll gain by achieving the goal will reveal its purpose and fuel motivation. Also, anticipate potential obstacles and how to overcome them. Finally, determine the knowledge and skills you'll need to develop.

To prepare for success, continually acquire knowledge and practice applying it. Having expertise and experience is power. Seek out mentors who can advise you based on their journeys. Stay open to learning new things throughout your life and career.

Make sure to take care of your physical, mental, and spiritual health as well. Managing stress, getting proper nutrition and rest, and nourishing your mind and spirit will provide energy and resilience.

When challenges arise, remember that failure and setbacks are inevitable. View them as opportunities for growth, not reasons to quit. As long as you learn from mistakes, you can bounce back stronger. Staying positive in the face of adversity is key.

Once you've diligently prepared, avoid wasting energy worrying excessively about results. Trust in the work you've put in. Focus on executing the plan rather than things out of your control. Believe in your abilities and expect to win.

Adopting a winning mindset requires desire, preparation, and positivity. With the right vision and mindset, you can accomplish your biggest goals and turn potential into success.


(0:00:05) - The broker link is where we empower insurance agents to sell more, earn more
(0:01:02) - Chris: Everyone's a winner, but you have to become a winner
(0:01:57) - Winning starts with a vision and a desire to make it happen
(0:05:06) - Having a goal is similar to having a destination. Without one, you're going to
(0:10:01) - The next thing is to prepare to win by learning and seeking advice from the right people
(0:13:21) - One of the biggest ways that we experience worry is fear of failure
(0:19:57) - Give you some actionable advice on how to achieve your goals
(0:21:31) - Set big goals, acquire knowledge, and get around some good mentors

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