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How to Make Medicare OEP Work for You

Episode Summary

In a recent podcast, Medicare expert Josh Slattery shared valuable insights for insurance agents looking to optimize results during the Medicare Open Enrollment Period (OEP) which runs from January through March each year.

During OEP, Medicare Advantage members have the option to switch plans if they are unhappy with their current coverage. Josh noted this presents a prime chance for agents to reach out to leads, clients and prospects to re-engage them in a conversation about their Medicare options for the upcoming year. However, he cautions that agents must be careful to market specific plans and benefits during OEP rather than generally promoting OEP itself, in order to comply with CMS regulations.


(0:00:01) - Broker Link podcast talks with Josh Slattery about the Medicare open enrollment period

(0:00:35) - Josh has been in the Medicare industry now for about twelve years

(0:01:35) - I felt like insurance at the time was recession-proof

(0:02:38) - The open enrollment period for Medicare Advantage starts January 1 and runs through March 31

(0:08:42) - You want to encourage agents to stay active during this open enrollment period

(0:12:12) - Baby boomers are aging into Medicare every single day, thousands and thousands

(0:18:03) - I'm excited about how Medicare Advantage is growing exponentially right now

(0:20:28) - What would be your defense of Medicare Advantage? Because that has come under fire

(0:22:36) - So wrapping this up, do you have any encouragement you want to offer agents going into the new year

(0:26:21) - Josh: We need you to reach out and contact us if you need help


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