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Insurance Referrals Without Asking

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This podcast discusses strategies for insurance agents to get more referrals without having to explicitly ask for them. The guest is Matthew from Rocket Referrals, a company that provides referral marketing software for the insurance industry.

Matthew starts by pointing out that while referrals used to mainly come through in-person conversations, today they also come through online reviews, testimonials, social media mentions, and other digital channels. This means agents need an omnichannel referral strategy to build trust and get referred by close contacts.

The key, Matthew explains, is focusing on empathy and delivering great customer experiences rather than thinking about yourself. Open communication channels and personal touches make clients feel valued and create positive experiences that organically lead to referrals over time.

Agents should identify natural referral sources already in their book of business and "plant seeds" with those clients. These promoters will snowball referrals from their network once you've earned their trust and given them great experiences.

Matthew advises using referral-centric language versus language about what's in it for you as the agent. Show clients you care about taking care of their referrals, not just growing your business.

Small things make a difference, like asking every new client "Who referred you?" and following up to thank the referrer. This shows you value and appreciate referrals. You can further reinforce referral behavior by tracking referral sources in a system and surprising top referrers.

The goal is to create raving fans who promote you without even having to ask, like how Apple, Chick-fil-A, and Harley-Davidson have cultivated brand ambassadors. You can employ similar strategies in your insurance business with a personal touch.

Rocket Referrals provides automated communications to facilitate referral marketing. This includes identifying potential promoters through surveys, gathering online reviews, sending follow-ups, and enabling easy cross-selling once you've built relationships.

In summary, getting referrals organically is about focusing on customer empathy, experiences, and relationships rather than yourself. Identify and reward your best referral sources. Use referral-centric language and reinforce the behavior you want to see more of. This ultimately creates a flywheel effect where happy clients refer others automatically.


(0:00:00) - One of the best ways to grow your business is through referrals
(0:01:09) - Matthew:  Referral marketing is becoming more important than ever
(0:02:57) - How do we get referrals without asking? How do we build momentum?
(0:07:38) - Every broker should ask who was it that referred you, Matthew says
(0:11:14) - Rocket Referrals is a software solution for insurance brokers

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