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Life Insurance Marketing Tips with AIG

Episode Summary

The webinar presented by Joel Flores focused on leveraging carrier resources, specifically the tools available through AIG's platform, to efficiently market and sell life insurance. Tom Brown and Georgia Hale provided an in-depth look at the various turnkey marketing assets and sales enablement capabilities available to agents on the site.

A key feature covered was the "campaign in a box" tool which provides pre-built, comprehensive marketing campaigns focused on different life insurance topics that agents can launch with just a few clicks. These include emails, social media posts, flyers, videos, and more, allowing agents to execute cohesive campaigns without starting from scratch.

Tom demonstrated how agents can easily access and customize these ready-to-use campaigns on topics like life insurance needs for millennials, retirement planning, estate planning, and more. The site does the heavy lifting of pulling together targeted messaging and assets for agents to quickly deploy.

Beyond the campaign in a box, Tom and Georgia highlighted other sales enablement tools available through RetireStronger. These include "Find Clients", which leverages data to identify potential prospects for agents to target. The "Generational Selling" tool allows agents to gather details on a client's age, family status, and other information which then tailors recommendations to their needs.

A core emphasis was the importance of conducting consistent policy reviews and beneficiary reviews with clients to uncover opportunities. Life changes like marriage, divorce, new children, or retirement often warrant re-evaluating coverage needs. Tom stressed that regularly connecting with clients to review their policies and beneficiaries is critical for identifying gaps and chances to expand coverage.

Georgia expanded on this point, noting that agents shouldn't limit reviews to just the policyholder. Oftentimes, reviewing family members beyond the primary client can surface additional sales opportunities. For instance, if children have married or had kids of their own since the last review.

In summary, carriers like AIG invest heavily in virtual marketing tools and resources designed to support agents. The presenters encouraged agents to take full advantage of these capabilities to drive greater efficiency and sales. Tom suggested agents commit to following up with at least 3 clients using the RetireStronger tools to identify prospects and uncover needs. With a little time invested upfront in leveraging these carrier assets, agents can streamline marketing and grow their book of business.


(0:00:03) - Broker Link podcast features Joel Flores talking about life insurance marketing tips
(0:00:47) - Joel Flores: Using carrier resources to market life insurance is easy
(0:04:02) - Tom and Georgia Hale discuss how to market in the COVID environment
(0:11:19) - Before I get into generational selling, I want to show you another great tool
(0:15:19) - Georgia: We're seeing a lot of term conversions on older ages
(0:19:16) - Georgia: If you're having trouble finding life clients, use this tool
(0:25:33) - One tool that can help you sell to different generations is generational selling
(0:30:02) - Generation station report can help you prepare to meet with prospective clients
(0:35:00) - Tom: Why don't you go over to the videos and the infographics
(0:38:54) - There's a ton of resources available on retiring stronger. So I encourage you guys, to follow the links
(0:40:07) - We hope these life insurance marketing tips help you grow your business

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