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Episode Summary

This transcript provides an in-depth look at dual-eligible Medicare plans from an expert guest. Dual-eligible plans cover those with both Medicare and Medicaid, including disabled individuals under 65. This group represents the fastest-growing Medicare population given their complex needs.

The expert explains that the dual-eligible population tends to be the "thickest, poorest segment" of Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries. Their chronic conditions create a need for additional services beyond what traditional Medicare and Medicaid offer. This has led carriers to design innovative dual-eligible Special Needs Plans (D-SNPs) with rich value-added benefits.

Popular extra benefits include transportation to doctor visits, dental, vision, hearing aids, OTC allowances, meal delivery, and more. Carriers compete heavily on these benefits to attract dual eligibles to their plans. UnitedHealthcare first launched D-SNPs back in 2003 in Houston, sparking a trend. More carriers are adding dual eligible offerings, and within 5-10 years most major carriers will likely have a D-SNP plan.

Marketing dual-eligible plans require a grassroots approach to building local relationships. Agents should connect with social workers, community leaders, pastors, and other influencers who can refer prospects. It's important to understand Medicaid rules and segments to serve this population effectively.

When meeting with a dual-eligible prospect, the expert stresses focusing first on aligning doctors and medications before ever discussing additional benefits. Treat each prospect with extra care and sensitivity. Conduct a thorough needs assessment and make sure a plan is truly appropriate before assuming more benefits are better.

In summary, the dual-eligible market represents a major growth opportunity for Medicare agents willing to specialize. Competition is increasing, but agents who invest the time to understand duals' needs and challenges can build a sustainable book of business. Grassroots marketing and building trust are keys to success. The expert provides invaluable tips for agents ready to serve this emerging population.


(0:00:03) - Evette Rodney talks about how to help low-income consumers with their Medicare
(0:02:49) - Most carriers are going to offer a dual snip product in their portfolio
(0:03:35) - When did the dual snip program start and how has it changed since then
(0:08:36) - With any Medicare Advantage plan, you want to do a needs assessment
(0:14:56) - Dual snip arena is all about grassroots marketing when the low-income
(0:21:59) - Dual snip opportunity abounds for agents who have both Medicare and Medicaid
(0:24:30) - Yvette shares more information on how to help lower-income seniors with Medicare

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