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Medicaid Unwinding: Make the Most of It

Episode Summary

This transcript covers an informative podcast discussion on the upcoming changes to Medicaid due to the end of the COVID-19 public health emergency. It provides key details on Medicaid redetermination and how insurance agents can prepare.

The host starts by introducing the topic of Medicaid redetermination, also known as "unwinding." Due to the public health emergency, Medicaid enrollment has remained steady since 2020 without eligibility checks. But that is about to change.

Starting April 1, 2023, states will resume determining Medicaid eligibility. This process will continue through July 31, 2024. Nationally, up to 10 million enrollees may lose Medicaid coverage during this time.

Those losing Medicaid will need to transition to other options like employer insurance or individual marketplaces. This presents a huge opportunity for insurance agents to assist clients.

A guest from UnitedHealthcare provides specifics on the special enrollment period (SEP) for clients losing Medicaid. They get 60 days starting when they submit their marketplace application. Coverage takes effect either the month after applying or after Medicaid ends - whichever is later.

No new application questions are required. Applicants simply attest to losing Medicaid and provide their coverage end date. UnitedHealthcare has resources to help agents market plans and walk clients through enrollment.

Topics covered include:

- Timeline for the Medicaid unwinding from April 2023 through July 2024

- Data showing 10 million may lose Medicaid nationally and state/county specifics

- Details on the 60-day special enrollment period for losing Medicaid

- How coverage effective dates are determined

- UnitedHealthcare plan options like the Gold Standard Zero Deductible

- Member incentives and perks to highlight like $100 rewards

- Marketing materials and social media ads to help agents promote services

- Tips for agents like leveraging existing Medicaid/Medicare book of business

- How to guide clients through marketplace enrollment using the special enrollment period

- Answers to agent questions on marketing compliance, plan selection, and effective dates

In summary, the unwinding provides agents an opportunity to grow their business and help clients transition coverage. But preparation is key. Agents should educate themselves on the changes ahead and utilize resources provided by carriers like UnitedHealthcare. This will allow them to best serve clients and capitalize during the Medicaid redetermination period.


(0:00:00) - For consumers who lose their Medicaid or chip coverage, a 60-day countdown begins
(0:00:45) - Mike Smith: We'll be talking about Medicaid redetermination this morning
(0:08:57) - For consumers who lose their Medicaid or chip coverage, marketplace coverage starts immediately
(0:11:58) - Why UnitedHealthcare can be a good fit for your clients
(0:16:32) - How can agents reach dual eligible Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries through marketing
(0:18:46) - We have pre-approved Facebook ads, and social media ads that you can utilize
(0:20:21) - Once the unwinding is observed, what is the process to get to introduce plans
(0:22:24) - Sonia: If you expand UHC in the ACA market in Florida

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