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Medicare D-SNP Plans with Evette Rodney

Episode Summary

In this podcast episode, expert Medicare agent Evette Rodney shares insider tips for succeeding in the fast-growing dual-eligible market. With over 24 years of experience, Evette provides invaluable advice for agents looking to expand their book of business.

Dual-eligible plans serve Medicare beneficiaries who also qualify for Medicaid due to low income levels. This population has significant health needs and requires extra benefits beyond what traditional Medicare and Medicaid plans offer. As a result, the dual-eligible market represents a major opportunity for agents who take the right approach.

Evette explains that carriers design robust extra benefits like transportation, dental, and vision to attract dual-eligible members. UnitedHealthcare launched the first dual-eligible plan in Houston back in 2003. Since then, more carriers have started offering these specialized plans as they realize the potential.

However, successfully selling dual-eligible plans requires a genuine grassroots approach. Agents must be highly sensitive to each member's unique situation and needs.

When sitting with a dual-eligible prospect, Evette recommends doing a visual assessment of their home to identify disabilities, medical equipment, etc. Make sure you have their full attention without distractions. For prospects with cognitive issues, identify the decision maker for their care.

Listen closely to fully understand their health needs and lifestyle. Then carefully match them to the right plan based on their doctor relationships, medications, transportation requirements, and other needs. Never disrupt existing doctor relationships just to provide extra benefits.

Evette stresses that marketing dual-eligible plans requires true local community engagement. Identify facilities like nursing homes, community centers, and food banks where dual-eligible individuals spend time. Build relationships and earn trust with local influencers - social workers, nurses, pastors, and others. Offer educational events and your services.

Above all, she says you must educate yourself extensively on every aspect of Medicaid and dual-eligible members' lives. Let your heart guide you to make a positive difference for them.

As Evette shares from her experience as a top national producer: "What was important to me is to help my customer. I did everything from my heart. Every day was gratifying because you changed someone, you helped someone."

The dual-eligible market offers major potential for growth but also requires patience, care, and grassroots hustle. For agents willing to put in the work, it can provide immense rewards both financially and in making a difference for vulnerable populations.


(0:00:01) - Evette Rodney talks about dual snp plans in the Medicare space
(0:00:19) - Evette started in the insurance business back in 1994 with Nowcare 65
(0:03:17) - Dual snip plans are for those who have both Medicare and Medicaid
(0:05:30) - Most carriers are going to offer a dual snip product in their portfolio
(0:06:15) - When did the dual snip program start and how has it changed since then
(0:16:23) - How do we as agents go about promoting, marketing these products
(0:17:01) - Dual snip is all about grassroots shopping when the dual snip arena is low income
(0:24:05) - Ms. Smith has both Medicare and Medicaid. I think some of the key takeaways for me
(0:26:38) - Broker link podcast helps agents sell more, earn more and stay independent

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