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Medigap Plans: Are they legit?

Episode Summary

In a recent episode of the Broker Link podcast, insurance expert Leigha Hayes provides an in-depth look at selling Medicare Supplement insurance policies.

When it comes to choosing a carrier, Leigha emphasizes knowing the top Medicare Supplement providers in your local area. Being familiar with each company's plans, benefits, and costs is critical for helping clients select the right policy. She provides an overview of two popular Supplement choices - Plan F and Plan G. These both offer robust coverage, with the key difference being that Plan F covers the Part B deductible, while Plan G does not.

With the right foundation, agents can leverage Supplements to serve Medicare beneficiaries while growing their book of business.


(0:00:00) - Broker Link podcast focuses on helping agents grow their insurance business

(0:00:45) - Leah has been in insurance for four years and loves it

(0:01:44) - Leah is our one-stop shop Medicare supplement expert for your brokerage

(0:04:35) - So give us an overview of Medigap plans and Medicare supplement

(0:07:02) - There are three ways to get into a Medsup. So the first way is the best

(0:10:26) - Would I sell Medicare supplements? I love this question and I'm ready to defend

(0:12:22) - How do commissions work with Medicare supplements, do they vary based on the premium

(0:18:49) - There's a lot of flexibility with Medicare supplements and I think there's

(0:22:33) - So I'm an agent, I'm interested in Medicare supplements

(0:26:21) - How do you start selling Medicare supplements beyond signing a contract

(0:30:09) - Medicare supplement fills the gap for many people. That's why Medigap is a pretty popular term

(0:31:25) - Broker link podcast helps agents sell more, earn more and stay independent

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