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The transcript covers the introduction of a new prescription discount card called GlickRx that can help consumers save significant money on their medications.

It starts with an intro from the host explaining that GlickRx has negotiated discounted rates with over 35,000 pharmacies nationwide. The company representative, Jacob, then comes on to explain more about how GlickRx works.

Jacob explains that GlickRx is a free prescription discount card that can save customers up to $95 or more per medication on both brand-name and generic drugs. The card can be used by anyone regardless of age, income, or insurance status.

To use it, customers simply present the GlickRx card at the pharmacy counter. The pharmacist will run the card to check for discounts versus the insurance copay or cash price. If the GlickRx price is lower, that is what the customer will pay.

GlickRx makes money by charging an admin fee to the pharmacies for each transaction. This allows them to negotiate volume discounts that are passed on to consumers. They do not collect any personal health information.

Jacob notes there are many situations where GlickRx can save people money:
- When drugs are not covered by insurance
- If copays are high (GlickRx beats them over 60% of the time)
- When deductibles haven't been met
- If the customer has no insurance

He explains that agents can benefit from offering GlickRx to clients to provide value, improve retention, and earn commissions on filled prescriptions.

GlickRx has advantages over competitor GoodRx. It offers better pricing, does not collect personal data, and does not refer customers to insurance competitors like GoHealth.

In summary, GlickRx is an innovative new prescription discount card that can offer significant savings on medications through discounts negotiated with pharmacies. It provides value to both consumers and insurance agents. The card is free, easy to use, secure, and can be utilized by anyone regardless of insurance status. It beats competitor discount cards on both pricing and privacy. Overall, GlickRx aims to help relieve the burden of high prescription drug costs.


(0:00:00) - There's a new solution called GlickrX that's negotiated a discounted rate
(0:00:59) - Glickrx is a free prescription discount card that can help customers save on medications
(0:08:39) - Glickrx can help an agent drive core product sales
(0:12:48) - Glickrx helps insurance agents sell more, earn more, and stay independent

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