Cross-Selling, Life Insurance

Selling Long-Term Care Insurance Part 1

Episode Summary

Rod Frizzell, a director of life insurance with over 38 years of experience, shares insights on long term care insurance and learnings from his own experience caring for his aging mother after her health took a turn for the worse.

Rod urges others not to make the same mistake he did in assuming a group policy would be enough. With proper planning for long term care insurance, he aims to help prevent other families from facing the same financial stresses and difficult choices he had to face.


(0:00:04) - Broker Link podcast features advice from insurance experts on growing your business

(0:00:41) - Rod's insurance career stems about 38 years now

(0:01:55) - There were fewer individual life insurance policies in force in 2013 than ever before

(0:08:43) -  Speaking of your own experience with this, with your mother

(0:15:26) - A lot of long-term care policies get expensive, but also they're affordable

(0:22:49) - There are 48 million households that are caregivers in the United States

(0:24:55) - Insurance agents need to do a client profile, a fact finder

(0:27:31) - Rod had so much good information to share about long-term care


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